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Look up the words I use for reference. Can snakes bond with humans? I had not taken the trouble to sex them, but knew that they were old enough that I could visually sex them for prospective buyers as needed. A year ago, I was at a reptile show with the last four snakes from my litter of Red-sided Garter Snakes. How do snakes have intercourse? Zoo guidelines suggest that a snake should be kept in a cage with a combined length and width that is equal to or greater than the length of the snake — for example, a three-foot snake would be properly housed in a cage two feet long and one foot deep.

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Most snakes do not incubate the eggs or guard the babies.

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Species regions with distinct seasons ensure that small world come to a favorable time, usually when food is abundant, while other tropical species can breed throughout the year. Several years ago, my advice was that females were calmer and males were more active, so that someone wanting a calm, friendly snake might want a female. Do snakes drink water? Life is pretty good for a snake. Do snakes seek attention? A good rule of thumb for the most commonly kept species is that males reach a length of about two feet 60 cmwhile females can reach around three feet 90 cm.

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