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She looks pretty, it's weird to know that these pictures are somehow revealing. I don't see the pictures that revealing at all and she looks pretty. She did wear something under too, and hey if it helps look like it's really a bath scene, heyyy, go for it. It's not so bad. Only the ones that wanna get famous would do that.

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If she can't do that, then she's not a actress.

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But my take on it is, it makes the scene more realistic if you think about it. Thats abit harsh isnt it? By Newsie Started 2 minutes ago. Plus you always can't pick and choose. Well, she's not 'nude' at all if you think about it since she wore something while filming that. Also she is young and it was probably her first nude scene from what I know.

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  • Antoine 8 days ago

    This bitch is my guilty fap over the years.

  • Jamison 17 days ago

    Look at their chemistry. They are a couple.

  • Coen 25 days ago

    Love how nice her head game has been as of late. Latinas and Black women only get better with age,